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When most citizens think of places where they can get great medical care in the United institution often comes to mind: MAYO CLINIC of Rochester, Minnesota.

U.S. News and World Report, in that magazine's 2004 edition on "America's Best Hospitals, Mayo Clinic had the nations' 2nd best overall rating. Also the specialties at Mayo Clinic were rated among the best in the nation, in 17 different categories. Those ratings were: Urology- 3rd best in the nation; Rheumatology- 1st overall nationally; Respiratory Disorders- 2nd best; Rehabilitation- 5th best; Pediatrics- 18th best; Psychiatry- 10th best; Orthopedics- 1st overall nationally; Neurology and Neurosurgery- 1st overall nationally; Kidney Disease- 3rd best; Hormonal Disorders- 1st overall nationally; Heart and Heart Surgery- 2nd best; Gynecology- 2nd best; Geriatrics- 7th best; Digestive Disorders- 1st overall nationally; Cancer- 5th best; Ophthalmology- 10th best; Ear, Nose, and Throat- 4th best.

Mayo Clinic was founded in 1889. A devastating tornado struck Rochester in 1883. After dealing with that, the townsfolk decided that they needed a hospital. So, with the help of Doctors Charlie Mayo and Will Mayo, 27-bed St. Mary's Hospital was opened in 1889. (Today, St. Mary's Hospital, along with Mayo Clinic and Rochester Methodist Hospital form an integrated medical center that is second to none. The two hospitals have over 1900 beds, between them).

Over 6,000,000 people have been treated at Mayo Clinic since its inception. Last year along, Mayo Clinic had over 318,000 unique patients and 1.38 million outpatient visits. 80% of Mayo Clinic's patients are outpatients, while 20% are hospitalized. 79% of Mayo Clinic's patients come from Minnesota and its adjoining states. But, of course, with its fabulous reputation, Mayo Clinic has down through the years, attracted patients from every country in the world.

Some of our countries' first medical specialties were practiced at Mayo Clinic. Those include: Orthopedics (1912); Neurology (1913); Thoracic Surgery (1915); Dermatology (1916); Pediatrics (1917); Neurologic Surgery (1919); Proctology (1919).

With its' long tradition of great medical care, and with the fact that it has been a pioneer in the field of medicine. Mayo Clinic is of the giants in the healthcare industry today.

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