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Nursing Interview Questions

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Below you will find a list of questions employers may ask you on the Interview and potential questions that may be good to ask the employer.


  1. What type of nursing experience do you have?
  2. Where did you get your training and what certifications do you have?
  3. How long has it been since you worked in (ER, OR, ICU, or particular specialty area)?
  4. What are your greatest strengths and weaknesses?
  5. Why did you choose (ER, OR, ICU, LTC, FNP, or other specialty area of nursing)?
  6. Why do you want to work in our hospital and/or community?
  7. Why did you leave your last job?
  8. Tell me about a time in which you had to handle an irate physician, co-worker, or patient. How did you handle it and what were the results?
  9. Describe a difficult decision you've made and the process you went through to reach that decision.
  10. Why makes you right for this job?
  11. What nursing organizations do you belong to?
  12. How do you stay current in your practice?

Find a Nursing Job (by State) - Find a Nursing Job (by Category)


  1. Can you explain the scheduling process?
  2. What is your nurse/patient ratio?
  3. Do you have 8/10/12 hour shifts?
  4. How is the scheduling done for the unit?
  5. What are the current challenges that your company faces?
  6. What were the results of the last survey? When is the next survey scheduled?
  7. Is call required for this position? If so, what are the call requirements?
  8. What would be my primary challenges if I were selected for this position?
  9. How often are performance reviews conducted and what is your process?
  10. How does this organization feel about continuing education?
  11. How does the administration view nursing in terms of importance to the hospital?
  12. Are nurses allowed to suggest areas for research to improve patient care? If so, are they allowed to design and carry out research projects with other professionals?
  13. What unique challenges has this unit faced over the last year? (i.e. successes, failures, etc.)
  14. How long is the orientation phase and what can I expect?
  15. How much of the orientation phase will be spent on the shift I will be working?

Find a Nursing Job (by State) - Find a Nursing Job (by Category)

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