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Duke University Medical Center Durham, North Carolina

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Duke University Medical Center is a 1019-bed hospital, which was opened in 1930. Affiliated with Duke University School of Medicine, Duke University Medical Center are: adult specialty services, plastic surgery, children's health services, cancer center, emergency center, eye care, cardiac care, surgery, prevention and wellness, women's health, organ transplants, specialty care services, mental health services, neuroscience center, orthopedic services, integrative medicines, and others.

As this article went to press, there were numerous job opportunities for nurses at Duke University Medical Center. If you are a highly qualified, motivated healthcare professional, I'm sure that Duke University Medical Center would welcome your employment application.

For those who get the opportunity to work at Duke University Medical Center, they get to work alongside some of our nation's finest doctors and nurses.

Proof that Duke University Medical Center has a great staff of doctors and nurses, is the fact that U.S. News and World Report (2004) rated Duke University Medical Center the sixth best hospital in the nation. Duke University had 16 different departments, which received national recognition in that magazine's issue, which touted "America's Best Hospitals". Those sixteen different departments and their national rankings are: Cancer- 6th best in the nation; Digestive Disorders- 8th best in the nation; Ear, Nose, and Throat- 27th best; Eyes- 8th best; Geriatrics- 4th best; Gynecology- 6th best; Heart and Heart Surgery- 3rd best; Hormonal Disorders- 15th best; Kidney Diseases- 9th best; Neurology and Neurosurgery- 18th best; Orthopedics- 8th best; Pediatrics 21st best; Psychiatry- 11th best; Respiratory Diseases- 7th best; Rheumatology- 9th best; Urology- 7th best.

Duke University Medical Center is widely recognized as being one of the best...isn't that the kind of hospital where you would like to work?

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