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Barnes-Jewish Hospital St. Louis, Missouri

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As a result of a 1996 merger, Barnes-Jewish Hospital is now the largest hospital in Missouri. When Barnes Hospital merged with Jewish Hospital to form Barnes Jewish Hospital, the result was a 1385-bed teaching hospital. There are approximately 1700 doctors and 2400 licensed professional nurses on staff at Barnes-Jewish Hospital. And, there are 9030 employees (overall) at the hospital.

Barnes-Jewish Hospital is affiliated with Children's Hospital and the Washington University School of Medicine.

In the year ending 2001, Barnes-Jewish Hospital treated almost 50,000 inpatients and almost 138,000 outpatients. There were also 81,792 emergency room visits to Barnes-Jewish Hospital that year. Barnes-Jewish Hospital has a reputation for being not only one of the finest hospitals in Missouri, but also for being one of the finest hospitals in the entire United States.

In the 2004 issue of U.S. News and World Report, that rated "America's Best Hospitals", Barnes-Jewish Hospital was ranked the 8th best hospital in the country. Also, different specialties within Barnes-Jewish Hospital were nationally ranked. Those specialties and their national rankings: Kidney Disease-7th best in the country; Geriatrics-13th best; Urology-5th best; Ophthalmology-9th best; Rheumatology-17th best; Respiratory Disorders-6th best; Psychiatry-14th best; Orthopedics-13th best; Neurology and Neurosurgery-7th best; Heart and Heart Surgery-11th best; Hormonal Disorders-6th best; Ear, Nose, and Throat-9th best; Gynecology-21tst best; Digestive Disorders-15th best; Cancer Treatment-13th best; Pediatrics-22nd best.

And, Barnes-Jewish Hospital is now a Magnet Hospital. The Magnet Award, is given by the American Nursing Association, and is given to hospitals for excellence in nursing. There are only around 100 Magnet Hospitals nationwide. So, when a hospital achieves Magnet status, you know that its' nursing staff is nationally recognized as one of the finest there is.

Barnes-Jewish Hospital is in the midst of a major renovation project. Being renovated are: the hospital's Cancer Center; The Center for Advanced Medicine; The Charles F. Knight Emergency/Trauma Center; and a rehabilitation center.

There are currently openings on the nursing staff at Barnes-Jewish Hospital, for those who are interested in applying with this fine healthcare institution.

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