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Abbott Northwestern Hospital Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Abbott Northwestern Hospital is The Twin Cities' (Minneapolis- St. Paul) largest non-profit hospital. Abbott Northwestern Hospital is part of the Allina "family" of hospitals and clinics, and is consistently ranked as one of Minnesota's best hospitals and quality care from highly trained nurses.

And, even more impressive than that is the fact that Abbott Northwestern is also considered one of our nation's best hospitals.

Abbott Northwestern has a staff of 1600+ physicians, 5400 nursing jobs, aids and related staff, and 770+ volunteers. The hospital provides medical, surgical, and critical care for the people in Minnesota and surrounding states. With over 625 beds, Abbott Northwestern is well equipped to deal with the vast number of people, who are treated there each year. Last year along, Abbott Northwestern had over 42,000 inpatient admissions, and over 410,000 outpatient registrations. Also, 40,000 people made emergency room visits last year.

Abbott Northwestern was rated the 26th best hospital in America, in AARP's Modern Maturity magazine listing of THE 50 BEST HOSPITALS IN AMERICA. Also, U.S. News and World Report consistently gives Abbott Northwestern high marks in their annual survey of "America's Best Hospitals". U.S. News gave these ratings to various Abbott Northwestern departments (in the 2004 edition): 33rd best in nation for heart care and heart surgery, 38th best in nation for urology, 21st best in nation for neurology and neurosurgery, and 45th best in nation for ear, nose and throat.

Finally, Health Grades in 2002 and 2003, ranked Abbott Northwestern's hear program as #1 in Minnesota, and in 2001, 2002, and 2003, Health Grades rated Abbott Northwestern's stroke program as the #1 program in Minnesota.

Abbott Northwestern has been providing quality healthcare for people for many years now. There's no reason to believe, that this great hospital won't continue doing that, in the future.

There are current openings (at press time), for nurses jobs at Abbott Northwestern.

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