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Spartanburg Regional Medical Center Magnetic Charm

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Spartanburg Regional Medical Center's boardroom was packed with more than 100 people, mostly made up of the hospital's nurses. They were eagerly waiting for a phone call that would place their hospital in elite company. They were waiting to know if the hospital maintained its "Magnet Status" from the American Nurses' Credentialing Center (ANCC).

In February 1 through February 3, Spartanburg Regional Medical Center (SRMC) received a site visit from the ANCC. ANCC people spent 12 hours a day interviewing at least 550 of the hospital's nurses for 3 days. ANCC spent 3 days asking the staff nurses how satisfied they were working for SRMC.

SRMC was the first hospital in the state of South Carolina to receive a Magnet Status in 2005. With their hearts pounding, the phone rang, and received the news they were looking for. Spartanburg Regional Medical Center has retained it's Magnet Status and is still the only hospital in the state of South Carolina with the designation.

Susan Dugar, a hospital vice president and chief nursing officer said, "It's a huge, huge honor." She said, " Magnet Status makes the hospital a desirable place for nurses looking for work, and creates a competitive pool for managers to hire from."

ANCC developed the Magnet Recognition Program in the 1990s. It is a coveted designation to recognize excellence in nursing care. This innovative program recognize and honors health care organizations that exhibits (a) excellence in nursing services, (b) an environment that promotes and maintains professional nursing practice, and (c) an organizational system that encourages the professional advancement of nursing personnel. This voluntary program of external professional nurse peer review focuses on the leadership and management of the nursing service system in association with patient outcomes.

The Process to getting a Magnet Status has four phases:

  • Application

  • Submission of Written Documentation and Evaluation

  • ANCC personnel's site visit

  • Evaluation of Magnet Program Office.

Patients would benefit from a hospital that has achieved Magnet designation. They are rest assured that the hospital has an excellent nursing service, high quality patient care, lower mortality and complication rates, and with high quality nurses it would attract high-quality physicians and specialists as well.

The American Nurses' Credentialing Center is a subsidiary of the American Nurses Association (ANA). It is also the worlds largest and most prestigious nurse credentialing organization. It certifies individual nurses, and through the "Magnet Recognition Program and Pathway to Excellence Program" it recognizes health care organizations for nursing excellence. ANCC also accredits continuing nursing education courses.

Being confined in a hospital with a Magnet Status designation will lessen your worries and make you feel safe for you know that you are in good hands.


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