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Vertical Alliance Improving Ad Targeting

Nursing Jobs By State an online recruiting website for nursing jobs, has new plans for the site that will further sharpen its focus. A new program of banners will be targeted to users living in major metropolitan areas. This redesign will improve the aesthetics and functionality of the site to improve the users' experience.

This new direction for the site will quickly and directly connect site users to advertisers in their metropolitan area. ?By helping employers and job seekers quickly and easily identify prospects and opportunities in their immediate geographical location, a higher rate of success will be achieved in pairing candidates and jobs with one another,? said Kirk Lohse, Director of Marketing for Vertical Alliance Group, Inc. , parent company of NurseUniverse.

Metropolitan area banners will appear on the right and left sides of the screen, and a link in the header will allow site users to access a map of these areas with links to the targeted advertisements, An example. The advertising banners on each of NurseUniverse's metropolitan location sub domains will be sold to an area hospital. Each sub domain will be exclusive to the hospital that purchases the advertising rights to that metropolitan area. The sites are being designed to incorporate skylines, pro sports team colors and other elements that will make the site easily identifiable with its metropolitan area.


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