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Many Routes to Obtaining the Right Nursing Degree

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A major factor in the current nursing shortage is the inability of qualified applicants to obtain admission to nursing programs. The decreased number of graduates from nursing programs is severely limiting hospitals' ability to increase their number of employees. Most desirable to hospitals and many other healthcare centers or clinics are registered nurses (RNs).
Now that President Obama has begun to tackle healthcare in America, and the nurse shortage in particular, access to nursing programs is likely to improve. People interested in entering the nursing field have various educational routes available to them, and many potential careers within the healthcare industry.
First, nursing students must decide whether to pursue a diploma, an associate degree, or a bachelor's degree. The bachelor's of science degree in nursing is earned through a college or university and usually takes four years to complete. Obtaining an associate of nursing degree is another popular option available to nursing students. It takes only two or three years to complete and can be awarded by community colleges and junior colleges. The number of hospital schools offering a nursing diploma are declining, and this degree has become a less popular option.
Armed with an associate degree, most nurses seek a position at a hospital or clinic. While gaining work experience at a medical institution, they may then choose to purse a bachelor's degree from a nearby college or university offering a nursing program.
Nurse training is multifaceted, consisting of both classroom learning, and supervised medical care instruction in labs and clinics. The bachelor's program in nursing thus creates well qualified RNs, the most desirable hires for any healthcare facility. Qualified and especially experienced registered nurses have the broadest range of options in choosing a career.
Travel nursing is for people who like the excitement of change and are comfortable spending only one to four months at any given place. Some choose the energetic environment of a hospital, particularly critical care units. This can be a stressful work environment for some, but others like the fast-paced, high-energy work experience. Others seeking a quieter job in the medical field may choose to work in home healthcare, and appreciate that they are able to work in home environments rather than hectic hospitals. Similarly, many go into nursing the elderly. These nursing roles will become increasingly important and in demand as the baby boomer generation ages.

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