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New York Downtown Hospital: Unique in New York

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Incredibly, the history of New York Downtown Hospital dates from more than one hundred and fifty years ago, an age when the local community?s needs of healthcare were evident.New York Downtown Hospital is the result of the merge of two different hospitals.However, these two medical service providers were also committed to the very same goal, which was to confer the residents of Lower Manhattan with high-quality medical services.The founder of this hospital, which opened its doors in 1853, was focused on the women?s and children?s well-being.

New York Downtown Hospital serves a really important amount of people.Including tourists, residents, and employees of Lower Manhattan, it is estimated that they serve a population of 9 million individuals. Likewise, every year, this hospital has more than 30,000 emergency visits.In addition, New York Downtown Hospital relies on an intensive care unit made up of 20 beds with diverse sections, encompassing coronary, surgical, and medical.Furthermore, it is worth to say that several members of their staff are also part of the faculty of New York University School of Medicine.Besides, this hospital is very well-known due to their fleet of ambulances, which cannot be outfitted with better equipment.

Clinical Departments at New York Downtown Hospital are, without a doubt, renown and characterized by excellence.These clinical departments are Anesthesia, Clinical Research, Emergency Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Pathology, Pediatrics, Radiology, and Surgery.Moreover, the diversity of patient services also turns heads.Among these, you can find ambulatory surgery, cardiac rehabilitation, clinical trials, dialysis, emergency services, general medical services, infants and children, ophthalmology services, peripheral vascular laboratory, physical rehabilitation, radiology, and senior services.Hence, New York Downtown Hospital is one of the best medical service providers in New York.


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