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Albany Medical Center

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As Albany Medical Center affirms in its mission statement, their priority is ?to provide the region with excellence in medical education, biomedical research and patient care?. Therefore, the healthcare services they offer are unique and highly advanced in comparison to other centers. By combining research, education and patient care, they obtain exceptional tools to introduce a new concept in healthcare services. All of these facilities are located in New York, the most culturally diverse city in the United States.

The medical center includes several services such as a 651 bed hospital, and specific facilities such as the Children?s Hospital, the South Clinical Campus, Albany Med Physician Group, Albany Medical College, and Albany Medical Center Foundation. They are the only academic health sciences center to incorporate a sophisticated level of technology, while offering personalized and humanistic service.

Among other facilities and services, Albany Medical Center provides the medical community, residents and patients with libraries, residency, cytotechnology, internships, bookstore, nursery, research, continuing medical education, and others. Their category is of tertiary care hospital, which is always prepared for caring for people with the most seriously ill or injury condition.

At Albany Medical Center the priority is the patient and the belief is that the patient has to be aware and well-informed. For this reason, there are lots of benefits and resources that contribute to increase the standards of quality; those resources are: birth place, diabetes service, Alzheimer center, cancer center, discharge planning, hemophilia, ethics consultation, hearing center, HIV medicine, laser therapy, neurosciences institute, patient billings, physical therapy, surgery, women?s wellness, and so on.

Give yourself the opportunity to know more about the services and advantages you and your family will get by visiting Albany Medical Center.


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