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Chapman Medical Center: The Art of Caring!

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Chapman Medical Center is one of the greatest medical-service providers, which is located in Orange, California. At Chapman Medical Center, there are three major objectives that have to do with offering high-quality services, providing a qualified staff, and enhancing the health and the well-being of the residents of the area they serve. In order to be able to accomplish these goals, they have worked hard in order to be outfitted with everything needed. In this way, Chapman Medical Center is proud of relying on 300 employees and over 400 physicians that will always bethere to give you a hand whenever you need it.

Chapman Medical Center was founded in 1969 with the unique purpose of offering the best medical services in the county of Orange, which is a goal they have easily achieved. Thus, these days, Chapman Medical Center is a 114-bed acute-care facility, in which every single patient?s expectations and needs can be perfectly satisfied. Besides, Chapman Medical Center has always paid special attention to relying on cutting-edge technology. Hence, regardless of the fact that you may be in need of inpatient or outpatient services, you will always have access to the best.

In addition, all physicians at Chapman Medical Center represent the extensive list of not only general/standard medical, emergency and surgical care, but also medical specialties they make available. Among these areas of specialty you have at your disposal, you will find a great, comprehensive family health center, center for heartburn & swallowing, Chapman lung cancer, Chapman center for obesity, house ear clinic, subacute unit, center for mental health, chemical dependency programs, which are available for adolescents and adults, Doheney eye center, pain management, and free local transportation. Is it not amazing?


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