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Coastal Communities Hospital: Three Decades of Providing More than Quality Care

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Coastal Communities Hospital has been working in the community of Santa Ana, California since 1973. Through the years the hospital has had several changes; however, its dedication to providing high quality care to the patients and to meet the needs of the community has been kept since the beginning.

The medical staff at the Coastal Communities Hospital is focused in providing high quality, cost effective service,working as a team to help ensure that the stay of each patient has to be as comfortable and healing as possible.

Coastal Communities Hospital offersstate-of-the-art technology and equipments that allow the patients and the medical staff the best treatments, for instance the hospital recently acquired a new C-ARM, that it is used to do more in depth radiological studies and to expand the capabilities with orthopedics, vascular surgery and cardiac procedures.

Services at Coastal Communities Hospital include 24-hour Emergency Room, Diagnostic Services, Senior Mental Health, InterStim Therapy for Bladder Control Problems, Laboratory Services, Mammography, Orthopedic Services, Outpatient Surgery, Pharmacy, Senior Assessment Center and Sub Acute Unit. In addition the hospital has a Bloodless Program that is medical or surgical treatments without the use of stored allogenic blood. The program is made to minimize the blood loss by using special blood conservation methods.

All these techniques joined with the most expertisehealth caring peoplemake the Coastal Communities Hospitals the best choice for your healthcare.


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