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Woodland Heights Medical Center has Recognized Programs

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In 1918, Woodland Heights Medical Center was established as the first hospital of Lufkin. Today, almost nine decades later, Woodland Heights Medical Center is recognized across Deep East Texas as the leading provider of high quality, innovative health care services. In 2006, HealthGrades (a nationally independent firm that analyzes all hospitals on clinical outcomes) gave the Distinguished Hospital Award to Woodland Heights Medical Center. In fact, according to a ranking made by HealthGrades, this hospital is among the top five percent for clinical excellence in the nation. Woodland Heights Medical Center is recognized for its continued excellence in cardiac care; in fact, it is a five star rated hospital for the treatment of heart failure, it is also credited for its outstanding pulmonary and gastrointestinal programs. Both of these areas are named best in the region for pulmonary and gastrointestinal care and ranked in the nation?s top five percent.

Woodland Heights Medical Center accommodates a wide range of clinical specialties, achieving excellence in other key medical and surgical areas including gynecology, vascular surgery and obstetrics, physical medicine/rehabilitation, orthopedic surgery and neurology. This hospital also offers a full range of outpatient diagnostic services including laboratory, emergency services, outpatient surgery, and advanced imaging. Woodland Heights offers stroke recovery, cardiac rehabilitation and physical and occupational rehabilitation through its Rehabilitation Center. Woodland Heights Medical Center remains in front of the quality health care industry in Deep East Texas thanks to its commitment to the patients, exceptional staff, leading technology and modern facilities.


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