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Physicians Hospital

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Physicians Hospital is a general acute care hospital that is locally owned and operated. Local investors chose East El Paso as the site of the first facility, specifically due to the overwhelming lack of facilities serving the largest population segment in the region. The physicians on staff at Physicians Hospitalbelieve it was long past time to return the direction of patient care back in the capable hands of the patient and their physicians. The plan was to make use of the highest technology available in all aspects of patient care. Some examples are: Digital radiology, electronic medical record system which can be accessed even at the patient's bedside, computerized medication delivery system with bar coding, a robot that delivers medication from the pharmacy to the floors, blood samples to the Lab or a piece of equipment anywhere in the hospital.

The first patient was admitted onDecember 29, 2003. In February of 2004, the hospital attained a full 3 year accreditation by the Joint Commission of Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations(JCAHO). In September 2004, its Open Heart Program began, where patientswent from surgery to a private CCU room with a private cardiac nurse staying with them forthe first 48 hours. The private suite has a sitting room for the family so they can interact with the recovery of the patient. Because of the intense care, the patient is up and walking the next day and is usually discharged to home within 4-5 days.

Employing a professional staff of over 220 people, Physicians Hospital has a medical staff of over 312 physicians. At the time being,Physicians Hospital offers all services except Obstetrics. Some of the services made available and its features are: Cardiology Services featuring cardiac cath laboratory, cardiovascular surgery, open heart surgery program (private CCU room), vascular surgery, vein clinic, echocardiology, cardiac stress testing and electrophysiology testing. Diabetes treatment with Diabetic Foot Clinic, Wound Care Center, Hyperbaric Medicine, Peripheral vascular studies and Podiatric Surgeries and Diagnostic Imaging with All digital imaging, Interventional Radiology, Nuclear Medicine, CTA scan, MRI and Ultrasound.


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