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Mary Shiels Hospital Providing Personalized Programs

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Mary Shiels Hospital lives to offer all people very good healthcare, research, education and regional service. Its objective is to offer unparalleled services for the regional community in a not dangerous, welcoming and comfortable setting; one in which it would be pleased to take care of its own relatives. So as to preserve its positive setting and offer first rate surgical services, it works with the most gifted medical personnel and hospital employees in the region. Mary Shiels Hospital was started in 1947. It was established on the conviction that throughout a total dedication to superiority care, specialization and ground-breaking services, Mary Shiels Hospital could achieve and sustain a high rank of superiority in providing health care services.

The employees of Mary Shiels Hospital are extremely qualified professionals that have selected to center their vocations on the service-focused setting of surgical services. Its workforce is dedicated to producing a setting in which residents not only take delivery of the most excellent care, but also the uppermost level of individual care. The staff?s day by day sharing in the Every Day Giving Excellence (EDGE) plans allows them to constantly discover about developing service and quality by centering on the procedure that are significant in meeting the requirements of residents, investors, payers and surgeons. Its squad of professionals goes the extra mile because they desire to offer the care they expect their own relatives be given when they need outpatient surgery.


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