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Matagorda County Hospital District

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Matagorda County Hospital District offers care for seriously ill residents of all ages and with a variety of illness processes. Critical nursing care is offered in the Post Anesthesia Care Unit, Intensive Care Unit and the Emergency Department. The nurses in these departments have specific experience and education to provide high excellence care to seriously ill residents. The art of caring is unprejudiced with the knowledge of progressed technology. The Emergency area offers care for residents with an extensive diversity of injuries or illnesses. This assortment goes from a sore throat or cut finger to major car crash or a heart attack. The Intensive Care Unit provides care for residents who are very unwell and need more nursing concern. The Post Anesthesia Care Unit or PACU offers specific care for residents recuperating from surgery in the instantaneous post-op stage. Critical Care Units focus in offering speedy treatment and assessment, predominantly during the first stage of acute trauma or illness.

Senior Care may offer care for residents with acute major depression, organic emotional disorders, psychoses and alteration disorders of age. The plan distinguishes that each human being has unique requirements, which is why a personalized, tailored management program is built-up for each resident. Its management philosophy is focused in treating the whole person, not just from a physical and psychological viewpoint, but emotionally too. To stimulate and challenge each resident, Senior Care offers an extensive assortment of daily activities and plans including: medication management, therapeutic recreation activities, occupational therapy, physical therapy, continued care planning, group counseling and community outings.


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