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Medical City Dallas Hospital: Real Specialties in Healthcare Services

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The Medical City Dallas Hospital (MCDH) opened its doors in 1974 by a group of premiere medical specialists of the North region of Texas with the idea of creating a new health care facility. The hospital is dedicated to attract new and experimented international and national physicians who are leaders in many different specialties and are also focused to help individuals and their families. The hospital counts with the support of more than 1,250 physicians who are specialized in more than 95 medical specialties. Many people come from all the places of the US and from other 75 countries to receive the health cares of this recognized hospital.

The mission of the MCDH is oriented to the commitment to the care and improvement of the human life of the patients of the hospital. This mission is applied to the treatment of every patient. The hospital as been awarded for several organizations and is also recognized for its services national and internationally. It has been providing its health care services for more than 30 years and is also recognized as the best medical center of the region of Dallas.

As mentioned above the MCDH is dedicated to provide their services in more than 95 specialties. Some of those specialties are: heart care, colon care, children care and many others. It also provides inpatient and outpatient health care services. If you or someone that you know needs excellent health care services, go to the Medical City Dallas Hospital.


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