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Greenville Hospital System: Integrated Healthcare

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Greenville Hospital System is a not-for-profit academic health organization that has achieved medical excellence through education and research. This organization is accredited by the Joint Commission of Accreditation of Hospital Organizations (JCAHO). Greenville Hospital System has five campuses that provide integrated healthcare to communities in Greenville County through wellness centers, outpatient facilities, a nursing home, a long term acute care hospital, community hospitals, an education center and a tertiary referral. The mission of this hospital system is the improvement of the health of people in a cost-effective and caring manner, Greenville Hospital System has a vision; they want to set high standards in the way healthcare services are provided.

The values of Greenville Hospital System are: clinical quality, research, education, a willingness to change, responsiveness, determination to improve, creativity, forward thinking, trust, good communication, integrity, honesty, care, respect and compassion. The visitor policy of Greenville Hospital System stipulates that the Care Partner of a patient can visit any time that the patient wants to see him/her. A Care Partner is a family member or close friend of at least 18 years of age; he/she has to be chosen by the patient to participate in his spiritual, social, educational, physical and emotional support. The hospital provides each patient with three visitation signs that they can use during their stay; the three signs say: Care Partner Only, Care Partner and IMMEDIATE Family ONLY and NO VISITORS ? Please Do Not Disturb -- I Am Resting. The facilities of Greenville Hospital System include: Greenville Memorial Hospital Campus, Green Medical Campus, Simpsonville Medical Campus, North Greenville Hospital ? Long Term Acute Care and Patewood Medical Campus.


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