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Los Robles Regional Medical Center

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Los Robles Regional Medical Center is located at the foothills of the Santa Monica Mountains giving service to the community of the Ventura County in the Greater Conejo Valley and surrounding populations. The hospital is fully accredited by the Joint Commission of Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations and is a member of numerous local, state and national health professional organizations. Los Robles Regional Medical Center staff is committed to the improvement and care of human life through the use of high quality, cost effective healthcare.

The first hospital in the Conejo Valley was built in 1962, with the funds a group of physicians was able to gather. The result was the Conejo Valley Community Hospital that comprised a modest Emergency Room and a 33 bed facility. The little hospital, as it was called, grew along with the population. By the time the little hospital had reached a capacity of 63 beds, Linde Corporation started a plan for a 4-story hospital which was opened in 1968. Some time after that the little hospital closed and Linde Corp. sold Los Robles Hospital to its present day owners, HCA, Inc. (Hospital Corporation of America). The hospital built in 1968, nowadays is under a $120 million expansion program for a new patient wing.

Los Robles has 400 physicians on its medical staff representing over 30 medical specialties and offers a wide spectrum of medical services. Its award winning Heart Center focuses on the various disciplines of cardiac care and is outfitted with high technology equipment. The Emergency Department has streamlined its operations to make sure patients are seen and treated quickly using the Five-Level Triage System (Triage is the term used to help an ED nurse or physician decide which patient should be treated first according to the severity of the illness or injury). The Rehabilitation Program offers a wide array of therapies in an individualized and optimal way.


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