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Century City Doctors Hospital

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Century City Doctors Hospital is a facility founded with the vision of bringing optimal care and overcoming administrative bureaucracy. The building, of nine stories high, was built in the late seventies and has up to170,000 square ft of usable space. The hospital is located in a prestigious section of Los Angeles, on the western edge of Beverly Hills, in the Westside financial district (Century City, California). Before becoming Century City Doctors Hospital, the building was no more than the shell of a building. Tenet Healthcare Corp, former owner of the building, closed the facility as part of a 14-hospital divestiture in Los Angeles County. Salus Surgical Group signed a 26-year lease agreement to operate the facility as a full-service acute care facility.

As a response for the need of a hospital in the Westside area, the idea of the hospital was conceived as a place where doctors work cooperatively to bring top quality care. The hospital is managed by Salus Surgical Group and with more than one hundred and fifty physicians as partners that have invested several millions in the construction and equipment of the edifice. The hospital combines the advantages of being patient oriented (decisions are made by those treating the patients) with the use of high end technology (the hospital was completely stripped, rewired and configured to ensure the highest level of patient safety and meet the demands of this new model).

The hospital, at first glance, will look and feel like a five star hotel (including VIP rooms and suites). It features concierge service, gourmet cuisine in-room movies-on-demand and wireless, bedside internet access. It is also designed to be fully digital and paperless in order to provide a higher standard of service. In addition to the new technology, the quality of the personnel is top class in order to provide exceptional care and service to the patient.


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