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Kisco Senior Living: Cares for Everybody!

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Kisco Senior Living was founded by Andrew Kohlberg sixteen years ago in 1990 when he bought the first retirement community. Thinking about his own parents and the possibility that they need to live in a retirement community, he had two concerns: the place where they would live and the way in which they would be treated. These thoughts become more than just concerns when Andrew Kohlberg made them not only his own goals but also the principles that will lead the course of Kisco Senior Living.

Kisco Senior Living is committed to offer a high-quality service, provided by well-prepared and trained professionals with a sense of warmth that resembles home. All programs offered by Kisco Senior Living are designed to respond to senior citizens? needs and intended to achieve not only their independence and self improvement, but also and environment of friendship and community that is able to work as a team. Passion for excellence is what allows Kisco Senior Living to offer a service that gathers three essential elements: compassion, integrity and dignity.

Although one of their principles is to keep being a profitable business, they will not endanger the well-being of their clients to make more money. About this, their philosophy is to be the best rather than the biggest. That is why they control their own growth, to maintain that balance. Kisco Senior Living ensures that when you deal with them, you start a relationship wherein every part wins: the residents and their families as well as co-workers and associates. The range of options is wide and the needs they fulfill also.

At Kisco Senior Living, you find active adult communities for people older than 55 that do not require specialized services, senior apartments with social activities and community rooms, independent living communities with access to meals, transportation and housekeeping, assisted living residences with daily living activities assistance, nursing homes and CCRCs, combining independent or dependent living with skilled nursing services.


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