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Prestige Care: High-quality Care for Senior Citizens

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Prestige Care could not have a better name, but do not think that they are Prestige Care because of the recognition they have offering the best service to senior citizens. This name also tells us something about the history of this long-term care organization. In 1985, Sarah Delamarter began to care citizens in her own home. Thanks to her outstanding knowledge and nursing skills, she was gaining more recognition and clients as time passed. This family business, then, has its roots in the first nursing home she established in Oregon in order to satisfy the requirements and needs necessary to take care of seniors.

They kept growing and buying more facilities so that after three generations, they now have nursing and dementia facilities as well as retirement and assisted living communities. Their constant search for excellence has led them to be one of the centers with the most advanced and innovative within the senior care industry. Prestige Care is committed to the senior citizen well-being. For this reason, they offer a personalized service with skilled and high-quality services. Prestige Care is based on four essential values: respect, integrity, commitment and trust. The respect for human life as the image of God is what allows them to be the best in spite of competition and time.

The choices offered by Prestige Care vary from short-term to long-term or terminal care. Each of their professionals is trained enough to attend the specific needs of all senior citizens: long term care for those who need help with daily-living activities, transitional care for those who need recovery, treatment or rehabilitation, terminal care, expressions for dementia and Alzheimer's Disease patients and Geriatric Psych for geriatric patients with mental illness.


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