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Mobile Diabetic Announces Interactive Voice Carbohydrate Search Engine

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Snohomish, WA (PRWEB) January 25, 2006 -- Mobile Diabetic has expanded their wireless carbohydrate tables to include a new interactive voice response search engine.

Counting carbohydrate values for every meal should be a standard routine for people with diabetes. Unfortunately, access to carbohydrate values is not always available. Using voice response technology, however, carbohydrate values are just a phone call away.

"Searching carb tables with voice interaction provides easy access for diabetics of all ages," said Scott Luse, CEO of Mobile Diabetic. "Diabetes Educators will also enjoy the system while counseling patients to manage their diet."

Voice queries use a format similar to natural speech patterns. "To hear the carb value of apple juice a patient would say the phrase apple juice into the phone." Search results include a short description of the item, unit measure, total carbohydrate value, and food similarities.

"Food similarities make the voice queries much easier. If you search for apples a voice notification will let you know there is also a value for dried apples."

Carbohydrate values from the USDA National Nutrient Database are used for all food items. However, the voice search engine is designed to be organized by food categories such as patient diet, unique menu, specific restaurant food items, or even language. "Using the USDA values supplies everything from nuts to soup. Adding the voice categories opens the door for personalized diets."

Mobile Diabetic plans to use the voice system for pilot studies in the near future.

About Mobile Diabetic, Inc

Mobile Diabetic provides a valuable resource of mobile health record management, monitoring, and reporting tools in efforts to assist diabetics manage and control their disease and lower the healthcare costs of uncontrolled diabetes.


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