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St. Vincent?s Hospital: More than 100 Years Serving Birmingham Community

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St. Vincent?s Hospital began on 1898 by the hard work of 4 Daughters of Charity who want to provide a great health care service in a poor city. As a result, they established the hospital in a 100,000 people metropolis in Birmingham, Alabama. It opened with a 200 patient facility in a Southside mansion. Immediately they opened the hospital, it was full of patients which could not pay for the service they receive. It had the best facility, equipment and physicians of Alabama. This allowed the hospital to provide the highest quality health care service.

In the first decade, the St. Vincent?s Hospital passed through many financial crises, but it expanded to new facilities, improved the equipment as well as the programs to meet all the needs of the community. St. Vincent?s Hospital grew and increased all its services because of the dedication of its employees who were committed, and they are still, to provide a service of quality regardless of the patients economic conditions. Its staff focuses on assisting the poor with generosity, respect and compassion to inspire trust, courageous, innovation and assert the hope and happiness in its ministry. St. Vincent's Foundation supports the hospital programs such as the Bruno Cancer Center and Camp Bluebird.
St. Vincent?s Hospital has offered high quality health care services for more than 100 years. Those services are Bruno Cancer, Conference and Rehabilitation Center Cardiology services, Centennial Lodge, Corporate Wellness, the da Vinci Surgical System, Diabetes Education Center, ?Dial-A-Nurse?, Good Health School, Industrial Rehab, maternity services, neurological services, Occupational Health Clinics, orthopedic services, pain rehabilitation and treatment, pediatric services, Silver Advantage, St. Vincent's Child Care, Cardiac Rehab, Comprehensive Breast, Fitness and Wellness, One Nineteen Health and Wellness, Pulmonary Rehab and Sleep Disorders Center.

Throughout all the process of serving the patient, since they register until they go back home, the St. Vincent?s Hospital offers high-comfort programs and options. Also, when the patient goes home, it provides complementary services such as St. Vincent's Auxiliary, Dial-A-Nurse and Good Health School.


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