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Southeast Alabama Medical Center

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Southeast Alabama Medical Center began in 1957 providing the latest treatment and technology. Today, it gives service to more than 750,000 residents in the counties around Southwest Alabama, Southwest Georgia and the Florida Panhandle. It has a dedicated and well trained staff that includes board members, employees, volunteers, physicians and a supportive community.  Southeast Alabama Medical Center is recognized as the largest employer in the Tri-States Area. Moreover, the 95% of its employees are board certificated. It has a 400-bed acute facility, which provides high quality diagnostic, clinical, surgical and patient care service in its area.


The center provides many services. Cardiac care has a full range of preventing management, surgical method and therapy, three cardiac catheterization labs, one electrophysiology lab and open heart surgery facilities. Cancer care provides three treatment rooms with a 2100-C Series Linear Accelerator, 42 beds for the oncology unit, chemotherapy certified nurses, and an IMRT (Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy). Women?s imaging center offers screening and diagnostics for mammograms, stereo tactic breast biopsies and ultrasounds. Emergency service has nine board-certificated and specialized physicians, a 27,000 square feet facility for the department equipped with trauma rooms and an 8-bed diagnostic and treatment unit. Diabetes treatment gives a patient and comprehensive service and programs for diabetics. Finally, the pain management center uses physical and psychological evaluation and treatment regimens among many more quality services.


Southeast Alabama Medical Center also has a Team Health Center which was created to promote and provide an individual fitness program design according to the needs of each member.  It has many specific programs available. First of all, it is possible to have a personal training in which each member workout his/her routines to meet all his/her needs. Circuit training classes are series of exercises performed one after another to provide a high intensity routine. There is also body fat analysis which allows measuring the physical fitness level of the patients. Finally, there are summer exercise classes for school age children that have specialized equipment such as free weights, stair stepper, treadmills, ellipticals, recumbent, bikes, upright bike and row machine.


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