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Dorminy Medical Center

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Dorminy Medical Center began in 1969 with 5 members, W.R. Snowden, Ben Mills, Norman Dorminy, Jack Massee and J.H. Dorminy.


Dorminy Medical Center has won several awards, including the Georgia Rural Hospital of the Year, the 11state Southeastern Conference Outstanding Service Award, a National Rural Health Association award for Wellness on Wheels, and some individual?s awards like James Alley Service Award, and Volunteer Liaison of the Year.


Dorminy Medical Center offers 75 beds with an acute care facility, a high quality trained staff, the latest medical equipment, 2 nursing floors, an emergency center, intensive care, stepdown units, OB, newborn nursery services, one operating suite, a walk in after hour clinic for non emergency care, support services (medical imaging), laboratory, cardiopulmonary services, nutrition services and community education programs.


Dorminy Medical Center is committed to meet the health care needs of its community and to become the leader for all the health care requirements.


Dorminy Medical Center offers services of doing electrocardiograms, electroencephalograms, pulmonary function test, arterial blood gas, stress testing, thallium stress testing, persantine stress testing, cardiolite stress testing, holter monitoring or king of hearts, pulmonary rehabilitation, sleep studies, respiratory care (oxygen treatment, vacuum treatment, spray treatment, torso physiotherapy, incentive spirometry, metered dose inhalers), critical care, adult mechanical ventilation, pediatric ventilation and many more.


Dorminy Medical Center also provides services in other non clinical departments like administration, accounting and business office, case management, central sterilization, human resources, MIS, marketing, plant operations, risk management, and supplies.


Dorminy Medical Center is continuously searching for high quality employees that are committed to providing a genuine care to its patients. It is an equal opportunity employer. It has some vacancies in nursing department, where people stand for long periods of time and work in a wet and cold environment. The requirements include having some previous experience, to be able to lift 50lbs, have good cleaning practices, and having a professional look and attitude is a must. 


Dorminy Medical Center also has a foundation the Dorminy Medical Center Foundation that supports all the charitable, education, projects, and objectives of the hospital.


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