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Palmetto Health Baptist Columbia, South Carolina

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Palmetto Health Baptist Columbia is a Columbia, South Carolina-based hospital, which provides healthcare for people from all over The Palmetto State. Palmetto Health Baptist Columbia is a 649-bed acute care facility, which was founded in 1914.

Over 235,000 patients visit Palmetto Health Baptist Columbia each year. And, those folks must be a satisfied lot, because for 11 years in a row, Palmetto Health Baptist Columbia has been voted "The Best Hospital" in the state! (The poll is published each year in South Carolina's largest daily newspaper, The State).

Last year, Palmetto Health Baptist Columbia had over 38,000 emergency room visits, as well as over 210,000 outpatient visits. There were 15,378 surgeries performed, and over 3500 babies delivered there last year as well.

Among the Centers of Excellence at Palmetto Health Baptist Columbia are: The Birthplace; Children's Hospital; Psychiatric Services; Geriatric Services; Heart and Vascular Hospital; South Carolina Cancer Center; South Carolina Comprehensive Breast Center.

Also, Palmetto Health Baptist Columbia is home to a Level I Trauma Center.

Among the other services offered by Palmetto Health Baptist Columbia are: Center for Pain Management; diagnostic services; Home Health services/Hospice; gastric bypass surgery; women's services; children's services; surgery; PET Imaging Center; Sub Acute Rehabilitation Center; Carolina Stone Center (removal of kidney stones); Occupational Therapy.

There is no doubt that Palmetto Health Baptist Columbia has plenty of offer patients. But, it also has a lot to offer employees. The pay and benefits are quite competitive. Plus, you get to work alongside a dedicated staff of medical care pros.

At press time, nursing positions are available at Palmetto Health Baptist Columbia.

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