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Massachusetts General Hospital Boston, Massachusetts

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Massachusetts General Hospital is the largest hospital in New England. Also, this Boston-based hospital is the third oldest hospital in the United States. Located at 55 Fruit Street in Boston, Massachusetts General Hospital is affiliated with the distinguished Harvard Medical School.

With 875 beds, Massachusetts General Hospital is well equipped to care for many patients at one time. Last year, Massachusetts General Hospital had over 43,000 patient admissions, over 659,000 MGPO visits, and over 75,000 emergency room visits. Also, the hospital's doctors performed 14,798 ambulatory surgical procedures, and 17,852 inpatient surgical procedures.

In AARP's Modern Maturity magazine, they recently listed THE TOP 50 HOSPITALS IN AMERICA (the lists were compiled by consumer group Consumer's Checkbook). Massachusetts General Hospital was ranked the 15th best hospital in the nation in those lists. The rankings are based on these criteria: medical mortality rates; surgical mortality rates; physician's ratings (how doctors rated a particular hospital); and accreditation scores (scores given by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations).

Also, in U.S. News and World Report, in that magazine's July 2004 issue ("America's Best Hospitals") Massachusetts General Hospital was rated our nation's 3rd best hospital. And, as far as specialties go, Massachusetts General's specialties were rated among the top 17 in the nation, in 14 different categories. Those ratings were: Urology- 8th best in the nation; Rheumatology- 7th best; Respiratory Disorders- 4th best; Pediatrics- 17th best; Psychiatry- 1st overall nationally; Orthopedics- 3rd best; Neurology and Neurosurgery- 3rd best; Kidney Disease- 4th best; Hormonal Disorders- 2nd best; Heart and Heart Surgery- 5th best; Gynecology- 4th best; Geriatrics- 5th best; Digestive Disorders- 4th best; Cancer- 12th best.

At press time, Massachusetts General Hospital had numerous openings on its nursing staff. As you can tell after reading this article, this great institution would be a good place to either begin or continue a nursing career.

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