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Collum & Carney Texarkana Texas

Collum & Carney

Collom & Carney Clinic is a Multi-Specialty Physician Group Practice whose Physicians and Staff are committed to providing quality health care services to the Four States Area.

It is said that the measure of greatness is not in what a man does, but in what he leaves behind for those who come after. Collom and Carney Clinic Association, which started as an idea of "group practice" in the minds of two physicians in Military Service, has now grown into one of the largest and most important medical services complexes in the East Texas area.

From its humble beginnings in a renovated duplex on Main Street in Texarkana, Texas, the clinic has quadrupled in size.  In 1966 the clinic moved to a building with over 88,000 square feet on Texas Blvd.  History repeated itself, and once again the clinic out-grew the facilities.  In August of 2001 the clinic relocated to 5002 Cowhorn Creek Road.  This current facility is 180,000 square feet and will accommodate the growth of up to 100 physicians system wide.  Collom and Carney clinic provides a full range of services, including diagnostic radiology, laboratory, histopathology, ultrasound, vascular studies, on-site pharmacy, and so many more services.  We also have multiple facilities throughout the surrounding area to server the community in and around New Boston - TX, Wake Village - TX, Prescott - AR, and Ashdown - AR.  We are pleased to provide services at The Urology Clinic and The Eye Institute, both of which are located in Texarkana, TX.  We are proud to serve the communities with five Regional Dialysis Units located in Texarkana-TX, Texarkana-AR, Atlanta-TX, Magnolia-AR, and Hope-AR.

Collum & Carney

What is more important is the impact that Collom and Carney Clinic has made on thousands of individuals in the Texarkana area. One patient said this:  Dr. Carney saved my life. I was a senior at Texas High School in 1947 and would go to his office down the street [at 619 Main] on my lunch hour. I had fever and nosebleeds all the time. He found out I had something wrong with my spleen and found a way for me to go on the train to John Sealey Hospital in Galveston, Texas. Dr. Carney was so patient and caring. I loved him. I'm here today because of him.

Collum & Carney


Another patient who had broken her leg while climbing a tree as a child in the 1940s, was bedfast in a back bedroom for six months because her mother, who worked the night shift at Red River Army Depot, could not afford a physician. Someone told Dr. Collom about her, and after he examined her leg, he immediately provided an ambulance and rode with her to Galveston, Texas. Osteomyelitis and gangrene had set in, and after two years of treatment at John Sealey Hospital with the threat of amputation, she received full use of her leg and learned to walk again.

Dr. Collom saved my life. Because of him, I can walk today. My Mom supported herself and three kids, and Dr. Collom told us, 'Don't feel bad. No one in Texarkana could have paid for what needed to be done for you.' Dr. Collom was so soft-spoken, kind and he did it all for free.

It was in this spirit that Collom and Carney Clinic was born. The caring attitude and zeal for excellence exhibited in Dr. Henry M. Carney and Dr. Spencer Allen Collom have been the driving forces behind the success of Collom and Carney Clinic for the past sixty years. The above was taken from the Introduction to "The History of Collom and Carney Clinic Association"

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