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Labor Board Wins Settlement from MountainView for Better Treatment of RNs

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A recent press release issued by the California Nurses Association/National Nurses Organizing Committee (CNA/NNOC) announced spiritedly that the MountainView Hospital in Las Vegas entered a settlement with the National Labor Relations Board (NRLB), agreeing to cease its harassment of registered nurses. This win for American nurses assures that the HCA chain will end its unfair treatment of RNs, including surveillance, interrogation, bribery, and threats.

The mistreatment of MountainView came came as the RNs were about to elect the CNA/NNOC as their union bargaining representatives. This election has since been put on hold as the NLRB investigates whether or not these unfair practices by the hospital tainted the election. Nurses who gave testimony to the NLRB were relieved that they will now be able to campaign as they wish and not fear retaliation from the hospital.

The CNA/NNOC reported remarks from CNA/NNOC co-president Zenei Cortez: "MountainView RNs called us this past spring because they wanted their rights, and their patients' interests better protected by having a collective voice and union representation." She continued, calling the hospitals actions a "campaign of harassment against RNs," evidence that "the administration did not respect its RNs, and without a strong RN organization, HCA would trample on the rights of nurses and patients."

Cortez added, "Pulling RNs away from patient care assignments to bombard them with anti-CNA propaganda and sequestering them for two-hour interrogations only served to remind the RNs why they need representation to protect their democratic rights."

"We need a level playing field that can only be assured by passing this basic rights law," Cortez declaired, adding that ?The considerable efforts and hard work expended by the NRLB on this case reinforces our message that no employer should be allowed to get away with subjecting its workers to the level of pressure and retaliation experienced here, especially those who devote their lives to creating an atmosphere of healing."

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