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How is the Nursing Profession Outlook?

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Americans looking to start a job or career today must wonder which industry offers the most viable jobs for the long term. In the last decade, nursing and the healthcare industry have been as promising options. Even despite the recession, nursing remains a good, stable profession.

Worry has come with the recession. The healthcare industry has continued hiring, however the news has reported about many graduates struggling to find jobs. The new difficulty for hospitals to access credit combined with a reluctance by recession-hit Americans to seek medical (especially surgical) treatment and the result was downsizing and hiring freezes. Workforce experts reported a hospital employment dip for the month of August, but they go on to optimistically predict that this industry slowdown is a short term predicament. They expect for hiring to pick back up as other sectors of the economy start to do better. The healthcare labor shortages that have recently filled the news highlight this. With the baby boomer generation approaching old age and requiring more medical care, it will be almost impossible for hiring of nurses not to increase.

The baby boomers continue to play a large role in the future of American healthcare. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistic reported that they expect nursing care facilities to experience increased growth as our country's number of elderly people, many requiring serious or long-term healthcare, grows. This rise will correspond with an increase in the demand for at-home treatment and residential care facilities. The recategorization of many procedures as outpatient will further expand the demand for these healthcare industries. Additionally, with more of the population at risk for stroke and Alzheimer?s, specialized long-term rehabilitation facilities should also expand quickly.

Home healthcare is another rising industry opening many new jobs for nurses, as technological advances grow to meet the consumer preference for in-home care. This will be especially relevant to RNs who are experienced and able to perform complex procedures.

Temporary nursing is a healthcare industry expected to grow quickly in the short term, as facilities more frequently have short-term staffing needs as older RNs retire, before permanent replacements can be found.

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