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Simple, Low Tech Innovation Hopes to Alleviate America's Nursing Shortage

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Two Miami nurses introduced a low tech solution to the high job turnover among nurses. Sisters Marsha Elson-Joseph, holding a BSN degree from the University of Miami School of Nursing, and Lisa Elston, holding a RN degree from the Miami Dade College School of Nursing, created RNReport Card which standardizes nurses' note taking and shift reporting process.
The project was conceptualized in November 2008, when Marsha Elson-Joseph had completed two years as an oncology nurse. Her transition to the workplace was abrupt as she felt the intensity of the nursing shortage and experienced firsthand the stressors that contribute to a high turnover rate amongst nurses that further compounds the problem. She saw a strong link between the high job turnover and nurses being ill-equipped and unable to communicate efficiently. To ease this problem, Marsha and Lisa introduced a basic innovation in standardizing how patient information is stored and shared, reducing miscommunication between hospital staff: The RNReport Card.
The RNReport Card is a nursing tool that is universally usable and practical. It gives a standard format for Note Taking and Shift Reporting processes. It universalizes what is reported and where, including patient information such as name, room, diagnosis, procedures, assessments, consults, medication times, drips, IV fluids, etc. They are contained in a lightweight 5 inch by 7 inch booklet designed for scrubs pockets.
This project hopes to improve communication about a patient between nurses and doctors, decreasing clinical errors and allowing patients to receive better, more efficient care. The nurses also hope that this increased efficiency will ease stress amongst nurses, creating a more positive work environment and reducing job turnover amongst registered nurses.

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