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Career Opportunities Lie in Temporary and Contract Nursing

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There is currently a shortage of nurses in the United States. As hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities struggle to hire more nurses, there is currently great opportunity for qualified nurses to choose the medical career path that best suits them. One popular direction that many on the path to a nursing degree choose is that of temporary and contract nursing.
As seasoned registered nurses (RNs) retire or relocate, there is a shifting shortage of nurses in hospitals around the U.S. Contract nursing staffing agencies place qualified nurses in temporary positions at hospitals and clinics in need.
The benefit of pursuing placement through a temporary nursing staffing agency is that a nurse may experience work in a variety of places and type of institutions, and with each placement has the opportunity to relocate to another job or possibly stay, turning their temporary position into a permanent one. Many nurses who are young, or just starting their career prefer to begin this way because there is no obligation to continue working in an environment that is unsuitable for the individual, while allowing people the opportunity to experience a variety of workplaces and hone in on what the best work environment for them is.
The flexibility of temporary and contract nursing has also proven useful to nurses who ultimately pursue a different branch of nursing than they originally intended. It also gives healthcare facilities the nurses they need and allows those nurses to better plot their future career.
However, contract and temporary nursing positions are not for everyone. While it allows nurses to find the type of environment that best suits them, there is no guarantee that they will be asked to remain in any particular hospital or clinic. Others dislike the insecure feeling of close contract end dates and would rather find a place of employment only once, perhaps in the city they currently reside in and may have connections to.
However, the nursing shortage is not going away any time soon, so as fewer young nurses are entering the work force and older nurses retire, temporary nurses will continue to be needed. In fact the demand is almost certain to grow. This can offset some of the feeling of instability and make temporary nursing a great option for nursing graduates and others seeking to gain some experience and insight before choosing the healthcare facility at which they want to spend much of their career.

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