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Women and Children?s Hospital

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Women and Children?s Hospital of Buffalo is a true pioneer in its field. Indeed, it first opened in 1892, with a modest capacity for 12 patients. Originally called Children?s Hospital of Buffalo, this facility was, for the longest time, the only one of its kind in the world, breaking new ground thanks to its efforts to eradicate polio, and later pioneering the surgical correction of cleft palate and harelip.

Nowadays, the hospital can accommodate 160 children and 40 adult maternity patients. The center is part of Kaleida Health, the largest health care system in the region, and it?s the preferred choice in western New York for pediatric care. Women and Children?s Hospital of Buffalo continues to lead the way in women?s medicine with the establishment of the Kaleida Breast Care Center.

The services are divided in 3 main areas: pediatric services (including adolescent medicine, asthma services, clinical neurophysiology labs, dental medicine, emergency department, gastroenterology, imaging services, immunology, hematology, etc), surgical services (including neurosurgery, ophthalmology, orthopedics, urology, etc) and women?s services (including labor and delivery, lactation department, maternal-fetal medicine, high risk pregnancy and surgical unit, etc). Other programs, such as education and prevention and home care services are available as well.

Have you ever considered the possibility of working for a highly specialized medical facility? Do integrity, innovation, teamwork and excellence rank high in your list of values? If so, getting a job in nursing at Women and Children?s Hospital of Buffalo might be the best move for you! As mentioned earlier, this center is part of Kaleida Health, so you will find a great deal of job openings in the database (spanning the full network of medical facilities operated by Kaleida). In the specific case of Women and Children?s Hospital of Buffalo, there are several job openings at this time, but this site suffers from a very common ?illness?: no specific information about the salary or the benefits is displayed.


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