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Kaweah Delta Health Care District: Several Subdivisions

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The Kaweah Delta Health Care District (KDHCD) was established in March of 1961 by the community of Akers. The first governing board of this medical institution was integrated by members of the Tulare County Board of Supervisors. As mentioned before, the KDHCD was founded in 1961, but it was until 1963 when it started its operations after the establishment of the physical boundaries of the district and also when the Board of Directors leased the previous Visalia Municipal Hospital, which was a 68-bed facility and was used since 1936. In this site, the Board of Directors decided to establish the KDHCD, and it is still operating in the same place.

This medical facility is a political subdivision of the state of California and is governed by an elected board of directors or representatives. At the same time this institution is divided in several facilities. Those facilities are: the Kaweah Delta Hospital, Kaweah Delta Rehabilitation Hospital, Kaweah Delta Mental Health Hospital, the Lifestyle Center and the San Juan Health Center. The KDHCD provides a big range of medical and health care services to the communities they serve.

Some of the services provided by the KDHCD are: cardiac services, cancer care, sleep disorders, vascular laboratories, orthopedics, rehabilitation, mental health services, gynecology, pediatrics and many others. The whole staff of this medical organization is completely committed with the community and that is why they always strive to offer the patients and their families the best services. If you or someone that you know needs medical services go to the Kaweah Delta Health Care District.


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