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Swedish Medical Center: Redefining Excellence One Life at a Time

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The Swedish Medical Center was established in 1910 by the Dr. Nils Johanson, who had the dream of creating a non-profit hospital in the port town of Seattle. Through the decades, the hospital started changing to meet the needs of the growing community. Building improvements,purchase ofequipments, and the latest medicaltechniques were part of the changes the Swedish had in order to improve the health and well-being of each member in the community.

Regardless of their ability to pay, patients at the Swedish Medical Center receive the best medical attention, the widest range of services and the most professional and compassionate medical cares in its three locations (Swedish Medical Center/ Ballard Campus, Swedish Medical Center/First Hill Campus, and Swedish Medical Center/Providence Campus).

Swedish Medical Center has more than 50 specialties in which are included: Addiction Recovery, Behavioral Health, Breast Care Centers, Cancer Institute, Childbirth Centers, Emergency Services, Epilepsy Center, Family Medicine Clinics, likewise, HIV/AIDS Care, Infertility, Neurosciences, Organ Transplants, Pain Center, Pediatrics, Rehabilitation, Robot-Assisted Prostate Surgery, Sleep Medicine, Spiritual Care, Surgery and Wound Healing Center.

Furthermore to the excellence in services at the Swedish Medical Center, physicians, nurses, social workers, and the rest of the hospital workers make a team of people who provide individual cares to individual needs. In addition, the Swedish Medical Center invests sources in programs and services that improve the health of the community. In2004, the hospital invested $36 million in community activities including Medicaid subsides, health research, medical education, charity care, community likewise, health activities and non-billed services.


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