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Veterans Affairs Western New York Healthcare System- Buffalo

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Veterans Affairs Western New York Healthcare System rests upon two medical facilities: one in Batavia and one in Buffalo. The newer of the two, the Buffalo Center was opened in 1950 to provide medical, surgical, mental health and long term care services through both inpatient and outpatient programs. Covering the communities of central and western New York and northern Pennsylvania, Buffalo Center is the main referral center for cardiac surgery, cardiology and cancer care. The Veterans Service Center, where administrative services such as insurance, home address and financial information are done, is also located at the Buffalo Center, which is part of the Veterans Integrated Service Network 2. The core values of the organization are Trust, Respect, Excellence, Compassion and Commitment.

A wide variety of services is available for the veterans that live in the area, ranging from patient education (including nutrition education) to the normal clinical services and also specialized treatments, such as blind rehabilitation services, Cancer Program, Behavioral Health, Geriatrics and Women Veterans Programs, among others.

If you are looking for a job in healthcare in the NY area, then this is a place you should definitely consider. At the time of this writing, 118 positions are open, with a handful of those being for nurses. A big plus in this case is the fact that the information is very specific, so you don?t have to browse through an endless list of positions available all over the country. The information regarding the positions is there, and since Veterans Affairs Western New York Healthcare System is an equal opportunity employer, you can rest assured that, if you are suited for the job, you will have a chance. The only drawback? You will have to apply via regular mail.


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