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New York Community Hospital: Comprehensiveness!

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Fortunately, New York is provided with one of the best medical service providers since New York Community Hospital is located in Brooklyn.This great hospital opened its doors in 1929 thanks to the fact that the brothers Albert and Dudley Fritz decided to found such a great organization.Since those times, New York Community Hospital has undergone a series of changes; nevertheless, there is a feature that still remains, and it is the fact that they continue focusing on providing the best quality in every single service they offer.For this reason, they pay special attention to relying on the best staff, equipment, and facilities.

In general, at New York Community Hospital, patients are able to be served with not only inpatient, but also outpatient services.Among the first category, surgical care services, medical care services, and emergency complete services are outstanding.In addition, they also make critical care services available in conjunction with the most appropriate and outfitted rooms.On the other hand, regarding outpatient services, you may find ambulatory surgery, diagnostic imaging services, and clinical laboratory services.However, they also provide pathology and laboratory testing, cat scan, sonography, expanded radiology, nuclear medicine and mammography diagnostic services.

Moreover, it is worth to say that New York Community Hospital is at your disposal in a 24/7 schedule.Just for you to know, this hospital is a non-profit organization that relies on 134 beds. Also, New York Community is an acute care hospital that is considered to be one of the most reliable ones in their field. In this sense, they are affiliated with the Weil Medical College of Cornell University. Besides, they are also a member of the New York Presbyterian Healthcare System. In addition, this hospital confers their patients the opportunity to have access to other services offered by over 40 different hospitals that belong to the New York Presbyterian Healthcare Network.Thus, this hospital is without a doubt? comprehensive!


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