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California Hospital Medical Center

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Since 1887, California Hospital has been offering high quality, compassionate medical care to business district Los Angeles and its near regions. Intensive Care, Orthopedics, Neonatal, Oncology, Maternity Care in addition to Emergency and Trauma Care are only a few of the services that California Hospital provides. California Hospital Medical Center was established in 1887 by Dr. Walter Lindley and two other doctors. It was in the beginning a three-stage structure situated at 315 W. Sixth Street in Los Angeles. On the first floor of the building were agencies of established medical doctors. On the second floor there were numerous small bureaus occupied by younger dentists and a physicians. Even though there were no elevators in the structure, the third floor restricted a small health center of six to eight beds.

The medical doctors in Lindley's centers were "coach trade" and were associated with the University of Southern California Medical School. Twenty-one medical doctors decided to purchase land at the corner of 15th and Hope which was a calm inhabited street of good-looking homes. When the land on Hope Street had been obtained, the first doctor-owned and administered health center in Los Angeles was established at 1414 S. Hope Street. It was the first center in California in particular created for health purposes, a development that Walter Lindley directed at every phase of its production and design.

These days, California Hospital is a 316-bed sensitive care health center that offers services for the lively population of city center Los Angeles and its near neighborhoods.


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