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Bartow Regional Medical Center

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Located in Bartow, Florida, Bartow Regional Medical Center provides a broad series of cost-effective, high quality healthcare services because their main goal is to safeguard the health of the residents; since 2005, they have invested over $2 million in state-of-the-art technology, which enhances the excellence and expands the opportunities for people to continue growing with them. Safety and comfort are two benefits you get while staying at Bartow Regional Medical Center, where the physicians? expertise assures your health and wellness.

They have been redesigning their Emergency Department Services to increase the efficiency and comfort for patients and visitors, so that these people won?t have to wait too much to see their family. The mission of this center is to serve the community; in other words, to serve you!

Bartow Regional Medical Center was founded in 1925 and today it boasts its medical professionals and staff, who were instructed under the highest standards of medical knowledge and whose main concern is the patient?s health; the staff includes researchers, physicians, nurses, and specialists; they are aware and trained to manipulate all kinds of updated technology and the most advanced medical equipment, including other educational resources reserved for all the members of the community.

Among the services delivered at Bartow Regional Medical Center, the healthcare services are: inpatient and outpatient surgery and care, maternity, laboratory, wound care center, billing, cardiac cath, stroke program, cancer center, among other.

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