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Mission Community Hospital ? San Fernando Campus

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If you are looking, for whatever reason, one of most specialized and committed healthcare centers in California, you, definitely, cannot miss Mission Community Hospital?s San Fernando Campus.As it name implies, it is strategically located in San Fernando, California. With the unique purpose of helping the citizens of their community with innovative ideas, the Board of Directors decided to create San Fernando Campus in November 2005.Due to the fact that they were really concerned about the diabetes crisis the community was living, in conjunction with the philosophy of the campus, it was decided that such a committed campus be created.

When Mission Community Hospital San Fernando Campus was created, it became the first of its kind.Since they focus specially on diabetes and the way in which it can affect patients, they also pay special attention to these impacts, which may have to do with declining dental health, mobility, and vision as well. The programs taught in this campus are available not only for children and adults, but also for families.These programs are centered on causes of diabetes, how it is possible to prevent it, what can be done in order to reduce risk, and several more aspects regarding diabetes.

The Dental Teaching Clinic at Mission Community Hospital San Fernando Campus is now open.Nevertheless, they are even planning to improve the facilities and to increase the diversity of services provided. For this reason, they will for sure open the doors of the Vision Teaching Clinic, the Podiatry-foot wound care teaching clinic, and the unique Cooking for Nutrition, Health and Diabetes Prevention Center in 2006.Some of Mission Community Hospital San Fernando Campus? programs are funded by charity. Also, these programs participate in Medi-Cal.Other organizations are also situated there, comprising the UCLA Dental Teaching Clinic.


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