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Placentia-Linda Hospital: Anything Else?

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As it name implies, Placentia-Linda Hospital is located in Placentia, California. Their doors were opened in 1972, and at that moment, they started in smaller proportions.Nevertheless, they started growing so much that, these days, they rely on 114 beds and an incredibly comprehensive and patient-friendly facility.In addition, it is worth to say that you have Placentia-Linda Hospital at your disposal in a 24/7 schedule since they are really committed to enhancing every single resident?s well-being of the community. Due to this, they pay special attention to relying on the best physicians, volunteers, and staff able to provide qualified, compassionate, and personal care.

In addition, Placentia-Linda Hospital offers an extremely broad variety of services that, definitely, fulfills most of the medical requirements and needs of the zone.Among these services, you can find gastroenterology institute, general surgery/minimally invasive surgery, outpatient surgical pavilion, physical, speech and occupational therapy, nutritional counseling, 24-hour emergency department, orthopedic institute/joint replacement services, gynecology services, laboratory, respiratory therapy / cardiopulmonary stress testing, and brachytherapy.As well, many imaging services are provided, including X-Rays, MRI, and Spiral CT Scan.

In fact, if you are looking for great reliability and stability, Placentia-Linda Hospital will also meet your expectations. For instance, Placentia-Linda Hospital has been accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Hospital Organizations and licensed by the California Department of Health Services. Besides, they are also members of not only the HealthCare Association of Southern California, but also the California Hospital Association. Hence, if you have recognition, high-quality services, and a great history through time, what else can you ask for?


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