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Sharp Memorial Hospital

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Nowadays, the residents of Kearny Mesa in San Diego, California have a great reason to be proud of: the leader in healthcare services and innovative facility, in a convenient location and with the best quality standards; Sharp Memorial Hospital is particularly known for its special programs in cardiac and vascular care, cancer care, pulmonary, women?s health, rehabilitation and organ transplantation.

During the early 50?s, citizens and community leaders decided that it was a must to organize the construction of a healthcare center that fulfilled the needs of the fellow inhabitants; therefore, Sharp Memorial Hospital was established under the philosophy of not-for-profit institution, for the sake of the residents regardless of their economic possibilities. By the year 1980, Sharp Memorial Hospital was a leader and advanced rapidly to what became the most all-inclusive medical center; as time has passed, it has earned a great image and reputation, as well as the confidence of thousands of patients.

This comfortable facility supplies the community with more than 340 acute-care beds, further 35 beds to provide patients with critical care services. Among the services for family members and visitors, the schedule is as follows: Monday through Friday from 2 to 8 pm; they can have access to cafeteria service, gift shop, phone information, and other.

At Sharp Memorial there are many programs and healthcare services to improve the health conditions of its patients; you can count on: 24-Hour Emergency Services with Heliport, Acute Care, Cancer Care, Cardiac Care, Chest Pain Center, Home Health, Hospice, Intensive Care Unit, Organ Transplantation, Orthopedics, Pathology Services, Primary Care, Radiology Services, Rehabilitation Center, Sharp and Children's MRI Center, Sharp Senior Health Center, Surgical Services, and Trauma Center.

Last year, the celebration of its 50th anniversary brought pride and surprises for the community, because Sharp Memorial was in charge of the healthcare needs of more than one million patients and 250,000 babies were born there; as a result, it is easy to realize of their superiority and prestige as a healthcare center. Their medical personnel reach 1,100 and there are more than 3,800 employees currently working.

Sharp Memorial Hospital accepts most of the health insurance plans in the market. If you need to find a suitable physician, there is a phone and online resource called Physician Finder; you just need to give some general information about your specific needs.


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