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Veterans Affairs Palo Alto Health Care System

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Veterans Affairs Palo Alto Health Care System (VAPAHCS) is made up of 3 major hospital divisions and 6 outpatient clinics that are community based. The VAPAHCS is really well-known for the high-quality tertiary care services they provide. Nevertheless, they also offer primary and secondary care. They are located, as its name indicates, in Palo Alto, California, and it is estimated that around 325,000 veterans live in the area they serve. In 2003, VAPAHCS had an enrollment of 77,321 veterans, which was a 75% higher than four years before. For this matter, VAPAHCS relies on a research budget of $43 million per year.

Without a doubt, Veterans Affairs Palo Alto Health Care System is worth to be assessed taking numbers into consideration. Also in 2003, VAPAHCS had 267,500 bed days of care and 692,000 outpatient encounters. These days, VAPAHCS makes 903 beds available for their patients. Among these, you can find 49 internal medicine, 92 acute psychiatry, the Western Blind Rehabilitation Center with 32 beds, a homeless domiciliary of 100 beds, 42 surgical, the Spinal Cord Injury Center with 43 beds, the Traumatic Brain Injury Center ? rehabilitative medicine of 16 beds, and 444 skilled nursing home beds. Likewise, these 444 beds are divided into a 24-bed palliative care unit, 311 extended care beds, and 109 beds for the gero-psychiatric nursing home.

These days, Veterans Affairs Palo Alto Health Care System is proud of relying on six different ?Centers of Excellence?, among which are AIDS services, autopsy, cardiac surgery, the comprehensive medical rehabilitation and spinal cord injury. In addition, the VAPAHCS has received the Worthen Award for academic excellence two times in a row. They also rely on Stanford University School of Medicine as their primary academic affiliation and the Mental Illness Research & Education Clinic Center they operate was named the first Center for Quality Management in HIV Care. Thus, can you tell if Veterans Affairs Palo Alto Health Care System is not simply amazing?


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