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Napa State Hospital: Dedication to Give Hope

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Napa State Hospital was founded in 1875; it is the only state hospital for people with mental disabilities in Northern California, a catchment area of nearly 13 million people. The hospital is located at the entrance of the Napa Wine Country. Napa State Hospital helps patients achieve his/her highest potential for independence and quality of life while they recover and integrate themselves successfully into society. The values of this hospital are: leadership, quality care, equal access to service delivery, independence, community, partnership, safety and security, recognition and respect for the rights of the individuals. The ethical values that Napa State Hospital embraces include Integrity, Hope, Resiliency, Pride, Nonviolence, Acceptance, Diversity, Accountability, Individuality, Responsibility, Honesty, Dignity, Compassion, Trust, Respect, Fairness, Confidentiality and Autonomy.

The services that Napa State Hospital provides are under the direction of the Department of Mental Health as specified in the Welfare and Institutions Code of the State of California. The staff of the hospital is dedicated and committed to delivering cost effective, high quality professional services and special programs in an environment which promotes the continuous improvement of the individuals with mental disabilities. The services and programs of Napa State Hospital are provided to everyone according to their needs and respecting their race, creed, nationality, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation, financial status, disability and cultural diversity.


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