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St. Jude Medical Center: Leading the Medical Services in Southern California

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St. Jude Medical Center was established almost 50 years ago by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange. It has become one of the most respected and technologically advanced hospitals of Southern California. Also, St. Jude Medical Center is part of St. Jude Heritage Medical Group, which is widely recognized as one of the Orange County?s first class medical groups.

This medical center offers the newest treatments, services and technologies in addition with a professional and expert medical staff that provides patients the best recovery possible.

St. Jude Medical Center has a wide range of programs and services in approximately 64 specialties in which are included, Audiology, Cardiology, Mammography, Maternity, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Mobile Health Clinics (two vans dedicated to children and adults attention in different neighborhoods of the community), Oncology Services, Outpatient Surgery Center, and Pain Management Center, which is an individualized program of physical therapy, nutrition, exercise, medication management and pain reducing strategies for those patients suffering the effects of a chronic pain. In addition, the center offers free and low-cost health education classes to provide the members of the community healthier and longer health conditions. Cancer Education, Pregnancy, Twelve Steps Groups such as Senior and Woman Programs are some of those classes.

Staff at St. Jude Medical Center is recognized for providing medical excellence and charitable health care. Physicians, technologists, nurses along with other members has the satisfaction of helping toheal, body, mind and soul of the lives they touch. Employees at St. Jude have the professional and personal growth along with several benefits for working in an institution of tradition and excellence in health services.


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