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United Regional Health Care System: 5 Pillars of Excellence

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The United Regional Health Care System Inc. (URHCSI) is the only complete service hospital within its 9 county main service area and 11 county secondary service areas. This health care foundation provides comprehensive medical and health care services and ahighly qualified staff that provides you a qualified and excellent service through the best equipment at a level that only medical centers in Fort Worth, Oklahoma City and Dallas can provide. The mission of this system is to improve the health of the communities that they serve and also provide health education that includes wellness and prevention plans.

They also want to make the health care easier to get through their Lead Level III Trauma Center, their Level II Nursery as well as their cardiac and surgical services. They also try to offer their medical services to all the people even when theydo not have the possibility of paying for those services. The URHCSI is a non profit organization and each year itdelivers assistance at an approximate cost of $16 million. All this charity is made possible by the support of private companies that help the hospitals of the system. The funds for the operation of the medical centers of the system are acquired through donations of the patients, their families and other private foundations.

The staff of the different locations of the URHCSI is oriented by 5 main values or as they call them: pillars. Those values or pillars are: service, finance, people, quality and growth. Based on this pillar, the staff of the different locations strives for making their best. If you or someone that you know needs medical services, go to the facilities of the United Regional Health Care System.


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