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Regency Hospital of Odessa

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Regency Hospital Company is a system of hospitals which main objective is to provide the patient with personalized care and modern technology in order to lessen the pain or concernhe/she may be experiencing. With almost twenty hospitals across the United States, they cover the health needs of people in Akron, Central Georgia, Cincinnati, Covington, Florence, Greenville, Hattiesburg, Jackson, Meridian, Minneapolis, North Dallas, Northwest Arkansas, Northwest Indiana, Odessa, Potter County, Ravenna, South Atlanta, and Springdale.

Regency Hospital of Odessa is located in Texas and it offers the compassionate and personalized attention you need to recover from your health weakening. They provide long term medical services for patients who suffer from complex illnesses or injuries and who require the best attention and care.

In addition to the general medical services and specialties, at Regency Hospital of Odessa the patient?s family gets supportive care, discharge planning, social services, pastoral counseling, and family consultation.

Currently, there are many job openings for those who are interested in becoming part of the successful group of professionals of Regency Hospital of Odessa; you only need to access the main page and select the category of job you are interested in, select the job location and schedule that are more convenient for you and search for the information available.


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