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East Texas Medical Center Athens: Devoted to Personalized Care

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East Texas Medical Center Athens is a hospital that is devoted to meet the expanding needs of the community. This full-service hospital offers Level III emergency care, obstetrical services and advanced diagnostics with an unrivaled commitment to compassion and excellence. The services of East Texas Medical Center Athens meets the health needs of the community. The Clinical Services of ETMC Athens include Radiology, Obstetrical Services, Cardio/Pulmonary Care and Emergency Services. Additional services offered by this hospital are: Support Groups, Seven Points Health Clinic, Rehabilitation, HealthFirst Benefit Card, HealthFirst, Lithotripsy, Laproscopic Surgery, Home Health, Gift Shop, Find a Physician, ETMC Cedar Creek Lake Emergency Center, Cancer Treatment and Behavioral Health (Mental Health Programs).

The 117 bed complex of East Texas Medical Center Athens is specially designed to meet patient and family needs. This facility is located on a four-acre lake where the peaceful environments are brought indoors through a spacious atrium. Waterfall, plants and skylights in this area add to the restfulness that the complex has. The resources and medical facilities of East Texas Medical Center Athens also include a highly skilled staff of physicians and healthcare professionals that offer comprehensive medical care including the latest in rehabilitative, therapeutic and diagnostic services on both in-patient and out-patient basis. This hospital is Medicare Certified and accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations. If you or someone that you know needs to find a physician, East Texas Medical Center Athens will be happy to assist you.


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