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El Paso Specialty Hospital: Surgical Care Redefined!

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El Paso Specialty Hospital, which serves the community of El Paso, Texas, Las Cruces, the region of New Mexico, and Chihuahua, is a 31-bed facility that is focused on orthopaedic surgery. The hospital is owned by local physicians who have a really different concept of specialization. El Paso Specialty Hospital is focused on one medical area, surgery, since, in this way, higher levels of expertise, care, and knowledge can be achieved.

El Paso Specialty Hospital?s success lies in the fact that, besides being committed to getting more and more expertise on one subject matter, they have also paid special attention to relying on the most qualified, experienced, and professional physicians. You can make sure that all the staff working at El Paso is correspondingly trained on orthopaedic and spine surgery care. Thus, they offer not only inpatient, but also outpatient services.

Due to the fact that El Paso Specialty Hospital is one of the most renown hospitals focusing on only one medical area, it is worth to mention the amazingly wide variety of areas of specialization within this category: neurosurgery, sports medicine, total joint replacement, knee arthroscopy, physical medicine and rehabilitation, shoulder surgery, pain management, diseases and injuries to the spine, pediatric orthopaedics, hand surgery, disorders and diseases of the foot, and electrodiagnostic medicine.

Nevertheless, El Paso Hospital?s story does not end there. They are also proud of offering ancillary services, which are very well-known due to the sophisticated and advanced equipment that is used not only for diagnosis, but also for treatment. Among the technology you have at your disposal at El Paso, you will find MRI; bone density, used to determine the degree of injury; electromyography, utilized to locate damaged nerves and assign the corresponding treatment; X-ray labs; and laboratory services. Thus, variety and specialization are a reality at El Paso!


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